A Church Known for Its Faith

Pastor's Welcome

The Eprhaim Family: Pastor Michael, First Lady Rosetta, Lennetta & LeMichaelGreetings in the blessed and saving name of Jesus the Christ, the One is was, the One who is, and the One who is to come! I am tremendously excited and welcome you to the “PAUL” where we are a church that is known for its faith and ministry is personal.

It is my prayer and desire that you will find this ministry to be an inspiration that will ultimately lead you to a life changing experience. I firmly believe that it is my job to create safe space where as people can be ushered into the presence of God and allow God to transform lives.

It is only through transformation that one can be truly liberated. Again, thank you for allowing this ministry this enormous opportunity to enter your life, and I look forward to seeing and hearing for you real soon.

Have a Powerful Day!
Michael G. Ephraim, Sr.

Learn more about Pastor Ephraim and his lovely wife, First Lady Rosetta Ephraim.

Online Sermons

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